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Welcome to Pam DeCamp Photography! Pam loves to travel the United States and beyond! She enjoys documenting her experiences and brings the images to her viewers. She also enjoys portrait and event photography. Contact Pam for your photographic needs.

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Pam DeCamp resides in south central Ohio has been a photographer for more than 30 years. She studied film and photography at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. She loves to create beautiful images and has a knack for capturing the unique qualities in a setting. Her first love is photojournalism and she has been published in the Cincinnati Enquirer and the New York Times as well as local southern Ohio publications. She shoots local theatrical performances and concerts at local entertainment venues.

Pam is expanding her repertoire to include fine art photography and has sold art work to local professionals for display in their homes and offices.

Her work has been on display in the Governor's Office in the State of Ohio, The Ohio State Fair Art Exposition, the Southern Ohio Museum in Portsmouth, Ohio, the Thoroughbred Agency Gallery in Ashland, Kentucky and in the office of TSHD Architects in Ashland, Kentucky as well as on display at the Huntington Museum of Art in West Virginia.

Pam prides herself in accurately depicting the scenery in the tristate region she lives in. She welcomes you to view her galleries and enjoy the beauty she has created.

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