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Welcome to Pam DeCamp Photography! Pam loves to travel the United States and beyond! She enjoys documenting her experiences and brings the images to her viewers. She also enjoys portrait and event photography. Contact Pam for your photographic needs.

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Pam DeCamp is an award winning fine art photographer who travels the United States and abroad.  DeCamp lives in southern Ohio; she captures images off the beaten path and gives them special attention in post-processing.  Images of leaf covered roads, mountain vistas, and whimsically nostalgic scenes inspire her viewers to experience the beauty of our nation.


Pam balances her photographic experiences between portraiture, macro, and landscapes. Her exploration into infrared photography has challenged her creativity. From the stark contrast black and white images from Jekyll Island, Georgia to the playful fantasy of false color in New Orleans, Louisiana her viewers have been given a taste of altered reality of the world around them.


DeCamp’s art has been displayed in the State of Ohio Governor’s Office, the Southern Ohio (Portsmouth) Museum of Art, the Huntington (West Virginia) Museum of Art, and the Zanesville (Ohio) Museum of Art. She has been featured in the Portsmouth Daily Times and on WCHS’s River Cities Report. 


Pam holds a Bachelors Degree from Xavier University (Cincinnati, Ohio) in Film and Photography. 

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